Near Foundation

Braking the diaphragm between illness and health

Fondazione Near, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2012 with the aim to support and develop projects helping children and teenagers in trouble and creating a virtuous bridge between the profit and non-profit world.
The foundation involves adolescents with chronic pathologies, in activities, workshops and creative activities that distract them from the arduous course of the treatments to which they have to undergo.

The persons involved, live these experiences together with peers to become friends to, with artisans and professionals to work with, in companies, universities and schools. In this way students and professionals have the opportunity to relate to each other by transmitting their skills and life experiences, thus creating a vocational path for the future.

Near wants to communicate values that are the basis of human relations, such as mutual respect and cooperation and it teaches the importance of transforming the difficult moments of life in positive opportunities for the individual and for society.

Over the years, the Foundation has realized the importance of carrying these principles in contexts of apparent normality, such as companies or schools, and to develop training programs, testimonials, moments of sharing and meeting.


B.LIVE is a project born with the Foundation Magica Cleme, involving adolescents diagnosed with cancer in activities and special events, making them feel strong, proud and united (www.bliveworld.org).

Creative workshop is a project started and supported by the Foundation in 2015, dedicated to kids suffering from chronic diseases, with the aim of entertaining young patients by means of workshops and creative activities giving them moments of fun and a sense of cohesion.

Together for a life … once more it’s a project supported by the Foundation offering to young patients diagnosed with cancer and assisted at the hospital Regina Margherita of Turin and the Institute “Giannina Gaslini” of Genoa, a program of fertility preservation through the cryopreservation of sperm cells and ovarian tissue.