Shopping&Charity-MADE IN ITALY

Shopping&Charity is the website where to discover, through videos and images, products and services of Italian luxury, stories of companies, lands and personalities of the excellence of Made in Italy and of their philanthropic commitment.

Shopping & Charity Made-in-Italy is the first web platform that combines the editorial information on Italian excellence with the promotion of products and services Made-in-Italy and the support to non-profit projects that strengthen the image of Italy.

Aimed at an international audience, the site offers the opportunity to live through images, videos and words, three complementary experiences: to know the best of Italy, to buy the best products and services, to support non-profit activities through donations.

Built on a wide network of companies, foundations, institutions and non-profit organizations involved in heritage preservation or social causes, Shopping & Charity Made-in-Italy allows you to (MAGAZINE) get information about Italian excellence thanks to constantly updated contents; to ( SHOPPING) purchase goods directly from the e-commerce of the brands promoted or to get in touch with artists, craftsmen and small businesses; to ( CHARITY) donate, by participating in the new business model that devolves a fixed percentage of each purchase in support of specific projects.

Through shopping and, the user has the ability to buy products and services promoted, aware that any transaction will generate a devolution in charity by the company selling the product or the service purchased.

In this regard, the rates of donation are set so as not to increase the cost that the end customer has to pay for his purchase: between 2% and 4% with the commitment that, within the fifth year, 3.5% of the total sum spent by customers will be devolved to charity.

What builds up the amount devolved will therefore be the number of transactions executed, more than the rate itself. Moreover, any visitor to the site can donate the amount he wishes to the institution he wishes among those listed in the Charity section.

Designed by Dada Fantini, Italian entrepreneur and consultant supported by a team of other entrepreneurs, managers and consultants from the fields of publishing, design, production, marketing and communication, Shopping & Charity Made-in-Italy reflects the new market culture that makes the buyer a protagonist in search of values representing himself and of reputation of the brands from which he intends to buy.

Several are the levels of intervention: the visibility of the brands that represent the quality of Italian products, the enhancement of the territory in its close relation with crafts and manufacturing, the protection of Italian cultural artistic and natural heritage, the spread of the culture of solidarity and philanthropy, the urge for those who work in these areas to become a network.

Shopping & Charity Made-in-Italy wants to be a tool to help promoting the best of our country and of our community, here and abroad. Thanks to the richness of the articles, their content, team that work together and openness to the network, the site aims to become a reference point for those looking for best Italian products and those who offers them, combining the activities of shopping to charity“.

Dada Fantini

Criteria for non profit organizations: Only the national and international non-profit organizations that value an ethical and responsible manner the Italian culture, art, scientific research, sustainability, human rights, respect for local governments and territory can belong to the Shopping & Charity-MADE IN ITALY showcase.
The selection qualification also counts on the regular registration of the non-profit organizations in the Regional / National register according to the requirements of Law 106-16 and the Implementation Code 117-17 and / or are distinguished by other best practices of quality management.

Criteria for Companies: Italian companies that comply with strict quality standards, social and environmental sensitivity and are not subject to investigations or administrative and criminal convictions, as they are against our commitments towards our stakeholders.