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Vita: the turban Mantero - € 80 - the price includes a SOLIDARITY GIFT in favor of the project HEALTH IN THE MIRROR - HOSPITAL SAN RAFFAELE Milan

The accessory fashion MADE IN ITALY born by the historic and famous silk factory of Como for the initiative "Goddess of Life" .

Vita is a special turban made by the creative team of Mantero thanks to the valuable advice of the patients who participated in Health in the Mirror, a project of psycho-social support dedicated to all women receiving treatment for oncological diseases at the Hospital San Raffaele.

Composition: 100% Silk

Provenance: Made in Italy

Description:  Light butterfly, colorful, cheerful, elegant, printed on white background

Vita is a deliberately cheerful and colorful product that interprets the strength and energy of all women, and celebrates the beauty and enhances the femininity. It is easy to wear thanks to styling that allows you to tie it with a few gestures and in many ways to have a quality accessory.