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VELORAPIDA YACHT - The vintage electric bicycle with rod brakes - € 2.582 (including CHARITY GIFT).

Velorapida is the brainchild of two friends with a common passion: handmade bicycles in vintage style.
Italian elegance and style in an electric bike.

If you purchase through the platform Shopping & Charity-Made in Italy you will promote companies and manufacturers with a philanthropic heart; by choosing to give yourselves or to donate a product of our selection, you will take part in a new way to deal with the market which supports charity projects.

To ride a bicycle with the support of an electric motor without having to recharge the battery is possible today with Velorapida Yacht, which integrates elegantly battery and motor in the rear hub.

Rechargeable simply pedalling, VeloPlus is the perfect synergy between man and machine.

Bike + by ZeHus: allows the rider to program and monitor the speed, measure the power generated by him and by the engine through a smartphone connected via Bluetooth.
LCD display: lets you control the kilometers traveled and choose from 5 levels of speed.
Dual charging mode: you can recharge the battery when braking or by the classic cable connected to the power outlet (in this model the battery can not be removed to be recharged, but must be connected to the power cable together with the bicycle).
Brakes wand and counterpedal: emphasize the charm of traditional Italian bikes.



Motor: 250 W - 26 V brushless
Battery: Li-ion, 8 elements, 160 Wh
Brakes: Rod and coaster brakes
Handlebar: Chrome-plated steel
Gear: No
Frame: Height cm. 54
Rims: Chrome-plated steel
Tyres: 28 x 1,75
Fender: Painted Steel
Carter: Painted steel

The superior frame is recommended for height above 185 cm (+€ 100 ).