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VELORAPIDA LEGNO LIMITED EDITION - best electric bicycle of vintage-style - € 3.361 (including CHARITY GIFT)

Velorapida is the brainchild of two friends with a common passion: handmade bicycles in vintage style.
Italian elegance and style in an electric bike.

Velorapida Legno limited edition: versione uomo - version for man

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Available both for man and woman, this model has a strong appeal to the Italian cycling tradition joined to technological innovations of Bike+ system.

The chassis with two-tone conjunctions is complemented by elegant woodwork: handlebars, rims, pedals and fenders, combined with leather saddle.

The bicycle Wood Limited Edition integrates in the rear wheel the battery and the assisted pedaling system Innovative Bike+, a technology developed by an entirely Italian team.

Bike+ allows you to bring the battery life up to an unlimited time by recovering energy during the inertia and braking phases. Everything is controlled by an app to install on your smartphone.

Rechargeable simply pedalling or with the cable (in this model the battery cannot be taken away for re-charging but it has to be re-charged together with the bicycle), VeloPlus is the perfect synergy between man and machine.

Italian elegance and style encased in electric bicycle, Velorapida.
An ultra-modern and ecological means of transport that combines
Craftsmanship, high technology to a vintage dress.



Motor: 250 W - 26 V brushless
Battery: Li-ion, 8 elements, 160 Wh
Brakes: Sport
Handlebar: Wood
Gear: No
Frame: Height cm. 54
Rims: Wood
Tyres: 28 x 700/35
Fender: Wood
Carter: Painted steel

For persons taller than 185 cm. it is recommended the chassis "superior".