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VITA, per-turbant women with turbans, thanks to the silk factory MANTERO.

VITA is a special turban: a most elegant accessory, trendy, classic and sexy. A must accessory that makes us more beautiful and better ...

ritratti di Guido Taroni

Born from the historical silk factory Mantero, leaders of the field for more than 100 years with its own fabrics, Life is the headdress that  accompanies every season, every time of day or night, and even soirées.
A lively product, colorful and stylish which interprets the strength and energy of all women, celebrating their beauty and enhancing their femininity.

Part of the proceeds from sales will be devolved to Health in the Mirror, a project of the Hospital San Raffaele, dedicated to women with oncological diseases, to counteract anxiety, depression, loneliness, and regain the pleasure of being with others.