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Manila Grace is launching a limited collection customizable to support Doctor Smile Onlus

The meeting between Alessia Santi, designer of the brand Manila Grace, and the Association Doctor Smile Onlus has led to the birth of a special collaboration.

Dr. Smile Onlus was founded in 1995 with the mission to make the children's stay in hospital more serene, through the clown therapy. Every week our Doctor Smile, professionals with a psychological and theatrical training, visit the pediatric wards throughout Italy. Smile because it helps us to live better the disease and to banish sadness and fear. And there is no more powerful magic of a child's smile.

Alessia Santi decided to effectively support the cause of DOCTOR SMILE ONLUS through the creation of a limited edition T-shirt, featuring iconic fantasy pois Manila Grace, for the baby and the mother, the proceeds of which will go to charity.

To support this project, Manila Grace will organize two events "Smile Lab" in two different stores - March 12th, in Ravenna at the specialty retail Baby Doc, via Salara 23, and March 19th at the Manila Grace shop in Milan, Via Manzoni 38 -; during these events, those who will purchase the T-Shirt can customize it live with his name, or with a writing that will be printed with an in-store machine.

Testimonial of both events will be Juliana Moreira, smiling and charismatic Brazilian model, showgirl and mother, who will participate in person to promote the initiative, together with the skillful doctors Smile, a pair of professional clowns.

A concrete help signed Manila Grace to support the visits in the pediatric wards, so that even in the hospital the children can keep their ingenuity, imagination and playfulness.

The Limited Edition T-Shirts will be sold throughout the summer season in Manila Grace boutiques in Milan, Rome, Bologna and Verona, on the official website and in selected multibrand stores.