Sleeping in a work of art on the sea of Sicily – Room “La Stanza del Profeta” (The Room of the Profet) – 7 nights – € 1.680 for two people – breakfast, lunch and dinner included. (donation included)



Seven nights for two people – full board.

Services included:

  • Breakfast in the hotel (upon request, in the room)
  • Lunch and dinner in the Hotel restaurant or  – in low season – at the restaurants Grotta Marina and Dama di Tusa 
  • Free WiFi gratuito in all common areas
  • Guided tour of the art rooms
  • Tourist Assistance for the Open “Fiumara d’Arte”
  • Pets free stay
  • Use of the beach with 1 umbrella and 2 sun loungers
  • Air conditionning

ROOM “LA STANZA DEL PROFETA” (The Room of the Profet):

The room is a tribute from Antonio Presti to Pier Paolo Pasolini, his work, his prophecies, his life. It is accessed by a door that does not open but ” breaks down “, on which is written a prophetic Pasolini poem that deeply marks the great relevance of betrayed and offended values. In step on, not only symbolically the writing, you go through a long corridor of lights that has the function of maturing in the user anxiety and desire for discovery. At the bottom you can see the reflection of a second environment: a maze of mirrors placed on the walls and the ceiling, which creates a disorientation effect in the observer.
Finally there is access to a large environment, the primordial dwelling, straw and mud: the Yemeni room inspired by the ” Flower of the Thousand and One Nights “. The same poem of the door, written in Arabic, demarcates the perimeter of the space, with characters become rhythmic decoration of the surface. The large bed, which recalls “Mantegna ‘s Dead Christ”, sealed the sanctity of the shrine – room, punctuated by slits from which shafts of light come, small altars and confessionals.
The large windows overlooking the sea gives the cinematic experience of a great director to the visitor, an extraordinary vision in which the protagonist is the Cosmos. Under the window it was symbolically placed the seaplane sand where Pasolini was killed. Here there is no writing, no intention to know the name of the murderer.

In the realization of the bath Antonio Presti wanted to emphasize the membership of each of us to the system, the complicity of being any murderers or prophets. On the front door a touching spiritual testament in poetic form by Dario Bellezza expresses all the love for his friend Pier Paolo.

The bathroom is the violent and cruel part of Pasolini: there is not the floor but only a rigid heavy metal grid. On the walls a tangle of iron bars and metal pipes that emit water with violent pressure, while a huge fan on the ceiling transforms the environment in a large purifying bath, where each of us is washed and centrifuged as that car that passed over Pasolini’s body finishing it.

A space-complaint for reflection and maturation of consciousness. A night of excitement and neglect.


Atelier sul Mare 

A room inside the Hotel on a terrace on the sea with the Nebrodi mounts at your back and the gulf of Castel di Tusa in front. Sicilian dishes of natural cuisine, with products of high quality as the fish, fresh every day from the fishermen of the village, meat, from the Nebrodi’s breedings, as well as cheese, cold cuts and vegetables. Sweets from the Sicilian tradition.

Grotta Marina 

Restaurant run by a family of fishermen with the best mediterranean recipes passed down for generations.

Dama Tusa

A cuisine based on the raw materials of the island. Among their strenght dishes: classical recipes re-interpreted in modern way and totally innovative recipes. Pizzas from the wood oven.


Inside the hotel, the Bar is in a “museum sitting room” where to drink a coffee or have a quick bite browsing a book from the rich library available to the guests

On the terrace directly overlooking the sea, a bar ideal for relaxing, drinking a sun-downer or enjoying a “granita”.


The beach of Castel di Tusa is of pebbles and the sea makes them sound creating a calm and relaxing athmosphere. In the background, high on the bay, towers, as an artistic and spiritual reference, Staccioli’s pyramid to remind you that you are inside the park of Fiumara d’arte.

Museo Albergo Atelier sul Mare:

Antonio Presti is the artifex of this unique reality where landscape, culture and art merge together to make thhe guests of this magnificent island live an unforgettable emotion: every room is a dream.

Presti was already the creator of the Fiumara d’Arte, the largest open park of sculptures of Europe, which  overlooks the area where Atelier sul Mare is located.

The Fiumara d’Arte is an museum formed by a series of sculptures of contemporary artists displayed along the embankements of the river Tusa.

Tano Festa – Monument for a Dead Poet

Including charity gift to A.R.P.A.I.: Association for the restoration of the italian artistic heritage.

Info about the Association:

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