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Charity Gift for HOPE: Tour of Piacenza Castles – €4.900 per 2 people

  • Airport transfers and driver service
  • Guided tour of the Labyrinth of Masone of Franco Maria Ricci in Fontanellato (PR)
  • Lunch at the Labyrinth’s Bistrot of the Spigaroli Brothers in Fontanellato (PR)
  • Guided tour of the Rocca San Vitale of Fontanellato (PR)
  • Gourmet dinner at the Restaurant of Vigoleno Castle (PC)
  • 1 night in a suite at the Vigoleno Castle (PC)
  • Guided tour of Vigoleno Castle (PC)
  • Guided tour of the village and the Rocca Viscontea of Castell’Arquato (PC)
  • Lunch at Restaurant Maps of Castell’Arquato (PC)
  • Guided tour of the Castle of Rivalta di Gazzola (PC)
  • Gourmet dinner at Antica Locanda il Falco Rivalta di Gazzola (PC)
  • 1 night in a Superior room at the Residenza Torre di San Martino in the village of Rivalta di Gazzola (PC)
  • Visit the stronghold (Rocca) Olgisio in Pianello Val Tidone (PC)
  • Lunch at the Restaurant La Palta of Borgonovo Val Tidone, 1 Michelin star in 2016 (PC)

All tours have private guide

Farnese,  Borbone of Parma, Pallavicino, Visconti, Landi, Scotti, Fogliani are just some of the dynasties that have left their mark in the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, once known as the Duchy of Parma.

The most tangible signs are the ancient castles and fortresses. To visit them is a journey through the history of Italy and its beauties.

Our tour begins by a contemporary castle, more exactly by  its wonderful Labirinth, the Labyrinth of Masone by Franco Maria Ricci, among the largest mazes in the world, made with over 200,000 bamboo plants.

Labyrinth of Masone of Franco Maria Ricci in Parma

Installation of the exhibition opening of the labyrinth of Masone in Parma

It continues with the Rocca San Vitale of Fontanellato.  Famous to be still surrounded by a moat filled with water as in the Middle Ages, it houses important works of art such as the frescoes by Parmigianino and “The hand with flowers on the wrist” by Antonio Canova.

Rocca San Vitale of Fontanellato in Parma

The next stop is in the Castle of Vigoleno which, already in the XI  century,  was an outpost of the city of Piacenza on the way to Parma. In ‘900, restored by Princess Ruspoli Gramont, it became a gathering mundane point, attended by D’Annunzio, Jean Cocteau, Max Ernst, Rubinstein.

Picturesque aerial view of the Castle of Vigoleno in Piacenza

The Rocca Viscontea of Castell’Arquato dating 1300 with a characteristic keep, a 35 meter high tower which now contains the “Museum of medieval life.”

The Rocca Viscontea of Castell’Arquato in Piacenza

Middle ages at Castell’Arquato in Piacenza

The stately Rivalta Castle will welcome you with its 54 rooms full of the most diverse collections, from uniforms to ancient historic toys.

Wedding at Rivalta Castle

Finally, La Rocca d’Olgisio, the oldest fortress of Piacenza: in the centuries it has been used as a  monastery, noble residence, shelter for the partisans of the Second World War and now it is a national monument.

This short trip will be made even more pleasant by lunches and dinners in starred restaurants and by charming rests in the suites of the chateaux.

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