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Charity Gift for HOPE: Castle of Rivalta – 3 days in Emilia Romagna – €9.500 for 2 people

  • Two nights in the room favored by Princess Margaret of England in Rivalta Castle
  • Two breakfasts with family Zanardi Landi in the private dining room of the castle
  • Gourmet dinner at Antica Locanda del Falco in the ancient village of Rivalta di Gazzola. The cuisine owes its success to the use of raw materials of high quality of the region’s traditions. The restaurant is complemented by an impressive wine cellar, which houses several hundred labels of the most representative wines at local, national and foreign.
  • Gala dinner in the private dining room of the castle in the company of the Counts Zanardi Landi
  • Assistant translation for the visit and dinner
  • Cars available throughout the day on Sunday
  • Airport transfers
  • Tour with a private guide at the Labyrinth of Masone of Franco Maria Ricci Fontanellato (PR)
  • Guided tour and tasting menu at the Relais Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense (PR)

Staying at the Castle of Rivalta is not a holiday, it is an experience, a journey through history accompanied by Count Orazio Zanardi Landi, the last heir of the family that owns it since 1300.

The architectural structure was built in 1400 by architect Solari, famous for having built the defensive towers of the Moscow Kremlin. There is a fine courtyard, with porticoes and arcades, leading to 54 rooms which host important collections, from ancient uniforms to historic toys.

You will hear the very voice of the Count, in the private dining room, stories and anecdotes from 700 years of meetings with kings, queens and heads of state from all over the world.

A regular guest of the castle was the Princess Margaret of England, who liked to spend his summer vacation at the Castle of Rivalta. You will be given the room she once occupied.

You will be accompanied to the village, a jewel almost a thousand years old: watching the silhouette of the Castle of Rivalta while you cross the bridge over the river Trebbia – framed by the brushstrokes of a summer sunset or mantled by the milky mists of flatland giving way to the foothills, is it in itself a unique view a sheer food for the eyes, which evokes the magic atmosphere of a fairy-tale.

The use of stone, wood, the ivy-covered walls, the many doorways to the many small houses , the cobbled surface of by-streets, the austerity of the gate facing the castle, the view to the park, the impressing and reassuring tower with the waving house-flag, provide the place with a magic atmosphere, in which the visitor loses the concept of time and space.

In the village you will be hosted in the Antica Locanda del Falco with its exquisite cuisine of Piacenza tradition passed down from mother to daughter. At the entrance, iIn the Bottega (shop), a wide and suggestive space talking of quality and ties to the local territory, you will be welcomed and enraptured by a whirlpool of scents and colours originating from a huge and well cared exposition of fruit, vegetables, salami and cheeses, wines and liquors.

In the three rooms of the restaurant, terracotta floorings, wooden tables and bars, wood beam ceilings offers a feeling of familiarity,

The experience is enhanced with a visit to one of the largest mazes in the world: the Labyrinth of Masone. Near Fontanellato, a few kilometers away from the Castle of Rivalta, it is made with over 200,000 bamboo plants, at the behest of publisher Franco Maria Ricci, it also hosts a beautiful art collection and a library dedicated to the most important  examples of typography and graphics.

Your journey ends at the Relais Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine. Before enjoying an example of the excellence of Italian gastronomy, you will be accompanied to visit the old aging cellars dating back to 1320. of the Culatello, produced only in this area of ​​Italy, and Parmigiano Reggiano.


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