Trieste with TILT, the new Silicon Valley of Italy.

The intellect city is fertile and productive scientific ground for innovation.

This center of excellence of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region so dedicated to entrepreneurship, will enable many new businesses to grow, both locally and internationally.

Trieste, for its characteristics of internationality and high quality of life, is an ideal city for young innovative talents: sea, mountains, pure air, the Austro-Hungarian architecture and traces of the Belle Epoque with elegant coffee for everyone and literary circles, though it seems suspended in time,  it is always at the forefront.

TILT (Theorem Incubation Lab Trieste) is the first Digital Hub in Italy. A place dedicated to startup of the Information Technology with the mission to help their birth and accompany them throughout the development path; a space that goes from digital health, to intelligent community, the digitization of manifacture, up to electronic commerce.

Thanks to the synergy among  Teorema Engineering +  AREA Science Park in cooperation with the University of Trieste + Microsoft +  the contribution of the Municipality of Trieste, TILT  gave impetus to a scientific and technical initiative whose mission is the development of enterprises with new models in the informatic market.

TILT has 30 apartments for young students and researchers, made available by the City in the center of Trieste, 10 former  premises intended for under 35 firms and 1600 square meters of a former psychiatric hospital  rehabilitated by the City for social and cultural projects.
The primarily concern of the AREA Science Park, a multisectoral science park, is renewable energy and energy efficiency; It represents the technological and business world in which TILT selected the startups that can develop alongside the most innovative companies in the digital sector.

AREA Science Park, is the technological and business world where startups selected by TILT can blossom alongside the most innovative companies in the digital sector.

TILT in the coming months will launch SOS (School of Startup): The projects implemented by SOS are geared to the world of non-profit and they will be serving the community.