To sleep and dream into a work of art at the hotel-museum Atelier Sul Mare

In Sicily, near Cefalu and close to Taormina, in the small village of Castel di Tusa, in shelter from worldliness.

Atelier sul Mare is a hotel-museum of contemporary art created by Antonio Presti: visionary promoter of Art and Beauty, contemporary patron, generous speaker culture, foster father of many Sicilians and countless international visitors schoolchildren.

Antonio Presti at the entrance of the Atelier Sul Mare  welcomes Sicilian  students visiting the place.
It is the Beauty that Atelier sul Mare
seeks to offer with its 20 rooms of art, the Beauty that stirs the soul and, as Dostoyevsky said, will save the world.

Presti has transformed a small hotel in Castel di Tusa in a destination for cultural tourism entrusting twenty rooms to artists and asking them to do what they wanted. The result is an extraordinary variety of different emotions that transport guests into another world making him forget its actual location.

International artists, including Presti himself, became accomplices of the brave mission.

The artists who created the rooms of Atelier Sul Mare:
Hidetoschi Nagasawa (1), Mauro Staccioli (2), Mario Ceroli (3), Michele Canzoneri (4), Maurizio Mochetti (5), Raùl Ruiz (6), Maria Lai (7), Piero Dorazio (8), Fabrizio Plessi (9), Graziano Marini (10), Sislej Xhafa (11), Luigi Maniolfi (12), Mimmo Cuticchio (13), Pepi Morgia (14), Dario Bellezza (15), Adele Cambria (16), Cristina Bertelli (17), Agostini Ferrari (18), Paolo Icaro (19), Renato Curcio (20), Danielle Mitterand (21), Agnese Purgatorio (22), Ute Pyka e Umberto Leone (23).

Inside the hotel you can dabble in creating ceramic works, attending interesting courses taught by a master potter. All in the name of the local tradition, in fact at only 10 km away you can visit S. Stefano di Camastra, the pottery village.



The pottery workshop within Atelier Sul Mare

A work of pottery

A few steps away from the Atelier there is an air museum of monumental sculptures of Fiumara d’Arte, the biggest in Europe, created By Antonio Presti and donated to the Sicily Region.

The Pyramid made by Staccioli, built exactly on the 38th parallel

Here is a true place to swim between giant amberjacks and stingrays ebony, opposite the Aeolian islands accessible by boat for day trips, alongside Taormina and Cefalu, vibrant centers of refined tourism, a step away from archaeological sites and enchanted woods where the biblic “manna” is collected and rest asleep inside a work of art.

Aeolian Islands

View of the prehistoric village of Panarea

La Manna, un prodotto unico al mondo che viene ormai solo coltivato a Pollina e Castelbuono

Manna, a unique product that is now only cultivated in Pollina and Castelbuono.


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