Stromboli Island: the show of the volcano alive, without danger.

Natural fireworks at the Sciara del Fuoco: volcanic eruptions with fire red lapilli against the black night sky, reflected in the polished mirror of the sea.


The spectacle of nature has been there for millennia with unchanged magic.
Called Strongyle (the spinner) in ancient times for its shape, Stromboli it is the last of the Aeolian Islands to have emerged from the sea. About a mile from Stromboli there is Strombolicchio, small extinct volcano with its lighthouse 200 steps above sea level.

The groups of houses of San Vincenzo and San Bartolo, in the northeastern part of the island, form the village of Stromboli. On the southern coast of the island is Ginostra, an enchanted village, isolated from the rest of the island and can only be reached by sea or by mule. At Stromboli there are no cars, only scooters and mountain-bikes!

Stromboli owes the special and mysterious charm to the presence of the volcano, with its always active eruptive activity; the landscape is wild, almost without roads and the volcano, which at regular intervals reminds of his presence with loud bursts of fire and magic lapilli, dominates the island. Lava and lapilli are only reversed on the Sciara del Fuoco, while the rest of the island can be inhabited peacefully.

Stomboli immortalized by stunning photography in black and white from the homonymous Rossellini’s film of 1950.

The vision of the eruptions is especially impressive at night: indeed, it is marvelous to climb in the late afternoon enjoying the sunset and the eruptive show when night falls.

The hike to the top of the volcano takes about three hours walk for good walkers and it is advisable to lean to authorized local guides.
The route is of rare beauty, with unforgettable views and it is a rare experience: Stromboli is one of the few active volcanoes in the world.

The persistent explosive activity is directly observable from a few hundred meters away: a succession of thunderous explosions that project into the air incandescent lapilli isa show that makes you forget the fatigue of the walk  just ended.

Equally magical is the night excursion by boat where the perspective view allow the most comfortable view of the show.

And it is right here, from the very crater of the Stromboli that the heroes of the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne are projected out of the underworld!