SCART®: the ecological project that, with ART, transforms scraps and waste into new design objects makes school.

Furniture, lamps, games, musical instruments, clothing, installations, spectacular costumes for theaters and much more. An ITALIAN excellence artistically GREEN!

“… Wastes are not just trash! …”

SCART® has participated in national and international exhibitions.

For the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico, SCART® has created clothes for the sopranos who sung with Maestro Bocelli, the costumes for the choir, and for the ballet, and the scenography of many concerts.

Since September 2015, SCART® project owned the right to enterl also in the academical training. Waste Recycling (one of the Herambiente Group that deals with the disposal of industrial waste) in accordance with the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and the Municipality of Santa Croce sull’Arno created the SCART workshop a privileged place for seminars and laboratories on artistic experimentation on industrial waste. Four times a year, dozens of students spend a week training led by some of the Florentine Academy and work every day in yje labs made available by Waste Recycling. At the end of each day the young trainees artists move to sleep at villa Pacchiani, residence provided by the City of Santa Croce sull’Arno.

SCART®, born with the aim of encouraging responsible behaviors towards the environment, creates tools and artistic objects using only and exclusively waste as raw materials.

Since 1998 Waste Recycling with his SCART® project has gathered craftsmen, architects, designers and artists from Italy and abroad who have registered on the platform www.scartline.it

In Rimini every year, on the occasion of Ecomondo, new wonders always made from 100% waste are exhibited.

Today SCART® is a registered trademark in Italy and Europe by which works and exclusive installations are created with this motto: “… Wastes is not just trash! … they are also a beautiful and often useful resource!”