Rinaldo Gambari: the art of lightness.

Innovative and yet timeless handbags

The architect Rinaldo Gambari, is gifted with  the sense of measure and a happy hand.

His sketches and his technical drawings are already pieces of poetry: the rapid and gentle strokes anticipates with amazing accuracy  his creations.

Every detail, in its prestigious flagship store in Milan, represents him. His is just the Milanese style: sober, never boring, full of character, never ostentatious, but incisive and balanced. His handbags definitely cast distinguishing signals.

The amazing feature of his bags, is their lightness: their weight never exceeds 900 grams.

Every detail in its accessories is an important point that adds value, from the zips to the interior linings, chosen thinking of the feeling of warmth to the touch; from the parts in Alicrite (resin that has the primary characteristic the stability of color and shape) to the care in workmanship and functionality.

The study and love for the purse, the constant pursuit of the materials and the passionate direction of the most capable Italian artisans, have given extraordinary results with unique handbags, precious and , with a high level of distinction.

Gambari after creating bags for the world renowned fashion maisons, has being working for several years to develop his own line which is evidently born from his architectural studies.

Research, design ,and use go well beyond the traditional accessory: it is actually a perfect marriage of aesthetics and precision of use


Here they are so elegant, so refined, so sophisticated, made of the highest quality materials and  exclusively Italian production.

They are made of Veal or Tassel, both very delicate to the touch but also very resistant. And the colors … all full-bodied, bright, exact, from purple to blacks, from orange to brown, all shine with its own character.
For Gambari a handbag is good only if it can be made in all the range of colors (from the classic taupe to more daring purple) maintaining its understated elegance.

Architect Gambari studied between Milan and Switzerland and he has always had the opportunity to travel extensively: from this exposure to other cultures he received the mark from which he developed his uniqueness and the base that allows him to design accessories of such a strong personality .

His first handbag, dedicated to his daughter, is now one of his classic, the iconic model “Ninin” (affectionate words by which in Milanese dialect, are called the children). This name reflects Gambari’s Milanese background which is inherent both in the forms of his bags and in his his tender heart.