ORTICOLA 2016 hosts an accomplished artist who is inspired by natural models, shapes and colors offered by Mother Earth, and by the philosophy of the LAND ART.

His work comes from the close observation of nature, of its forms, its mutability. Snow, ice, earth, wood and stones have always been his models. Among his inspirers, Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long.
Marco Nones grew up in the Dolomites of Trentino, in the homeland of his parents, where in the years of childhood and adolescence learns from his paternal grandfather’s the love for wood and the first artistic rudiments of sculpture. In the 80s he moved to Cavalese, where he lives and works today.
In the 90es, he starts to be known with the sculpture of the roots of stone pine, a high-altitude tree, and he becomes more and more inspired by the twisted lines and knots of these natural monuments. He looks carefully at these roots, born from his beloved woods, and his work on them is never to delete the roughness of the material; on the contrary, his sculptures are born from a respectful hearing of their forms. Forms that, with the help of his chisel, releasing poetic images as flickering of the wings of an angel or the troubled waving of Paolo and Francesca’s souls.
From the history carved into the roots, his artistic paths creeps into the mystery of the soul and climbs among the branches to investigate the otherworldly and finally it goes back to earth becoming land art.

Among the moments that Marco Nones remembers with intense emotion, there is the delivery to the Dalai Lama, on a visit to Rovereto in 2001, of “The hope of Tibet“, depicted as the mystical flight of a hawk.
“The angel in the root” of Marco Nones is exposed since 2004 in the Vatican, in the foyer of the Sala Nervi.
In March 2008, for the exhibition “The roots of the sacred” wanted by the Dominican Fathers, he proposed 25 works on the theme of Jesus’ life for the unique context of the Bramante Sacristy in the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

As “sculptor of the sacred “, he exalts the simple every day gestures that celebrate the beauty of life. For the artist the sacredness can be a hand that touches a mother’s womb, or the ecstasy of a face that see the light, the intertwining glances of a hug, or the emotional tension of a man who explores his anxiety.

The success of his work led him to exhibit his works in locations such as Assisi, Catania, Lugano, Genoa, Rome, Milan, Venice.
In 2010 he was the only Italian artist to install a sculpture in the natural environment for Arte Sella, an international exhibition of contemporary art through the meadows and the woods of the Sella Valley, in Trentino.

Nones was among the five winning artists of the international art competition sponsored by Expo 2015.

Among the next projects: “… I’m collecting earth from places of war with Emergency’s cooperation. With this earth I will create an art installation …”.

These days, 4 to 19 May 2016, you can visit some of his works at the exhibition at the Galleria Francesco Zanuso in Milan, making an appointment.