Luxury and sustainability come together in Velorapida bicycles

The vintage style handcrafted electric bicycle that adds a technological heart to an elegant body.

Velorapida is an electric bicycle entirely conceived and produced in Italy.

Its retro design, combined with a technological heart, has produced an elegant, vintage bicycle with an invisible and yet powerful battery and without too many cables: impossible to realize at a first sight that it is an electric one, indeed the first electric bicycle in the world with rod brakes!

Thanks to the combined work of artisans of the old experience and engineers of the last generation, Velorapida developed an elegant and classic model with the advantages of the most advanced technology: speed 25 km per hour with a range of 60 km.

The electric bicycle is a means of great comfort for those who want a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. According to one’s desire, it keeps you fit or allows you to get, effortlessly, at every appointment fresh and elegant thanks to the pedal assistance of your choice. The careful design is implemented by the expert hands of Italian craftsmen; it is matched with luxury accessories such as the leather bags and knobs combined with Brooks saddles.


Engine and battery elegantly integrated in the rear hub

This has been made possible by the new series VeloPlus launched by Velorapida in 2014: a sophisticated electrical system that elegantly integrates in the hub of the rear wheel both the engine and the battery. Thanks to this new system, the bicycle is able to assist pedaling when needed and to recover excess energy when the ride is efficient, thus increasing sensibly its range. The whole device is easily operated by a smartphone app connected to the bicycle sensors by bluetooth.

Every model has an LCD display that allows to monitor the length traveled and to choose among five levels of speed.