ITALY is home to many outstanding production: GIORGIO ARMANI is the most appreciated designer in the world.

Armani Silos, the archive of KING GIORGIO offered to the public to give birth to new ideas.

Well kept and shown, many, many clothes, from the first to the latest, alongside with many other amazing creations and collections by Giorgio Armani.

The incredible creative generosity of “King Giorgio” offers 40 years of precious technical insights, exceptional suggestions for those who work in fashion and not only.

The new Armani exhibition space branches from a structure of industrial archaeology, the former Nestlé factory.

On the left the Armani Silos exterior, on the left the Armani Silos interior

Armani Silos is a photographic archive, an exhibition space of the Maison Armani with its projects and its collections including the Giorgio Armani Privé Collection, and a way to present Armani’s creative methods. In the Silos there is also a contemporary art pavilion that will host, in agreement with the City of Milan other events and exhibitions.

Giorgio Armani has always been a careful researcher of technological innovations for the materials to be used in his inimitable fabrics worth of the Arabian Nights. To the reporters present at the opening of Armani Silos he said “lt will be a center of living culture and art, open to students and to those who are interested in fashion. It will be my Tate Gallery, all white. I always felt a debt of gratitude to this city, where I was welcomed and understood, and that with its contrasts and its discreet silence has greatly inspired me. The forty years of Giorgio Armani, which also coincide with the Expo, seemed the perfect opportunity to do something important, not only a celebration. The idea is to leave to the city the testimony of a work, a testimony that is not only something to contemplate but that also acts as a stimulus to create new ideas”.

Since 1975, the year he founded Giorgio Armani SpA and issued its first line of prêt-à-porter for men and women with its own brand, 40 years have elapsed; 40 years in which Armani with its unmistakable lines of sober and refined elegance has represented Made in Italy in the whole world.

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Giorgio Armani unveils Armani Silos


Photo by Davide Lovatto