Italy: the country with the largest number of UNESCO sites in the world.

Meeting point of the whole Bel Mondo, it is called the Bel Paese for the wonderful heritage both cultural and natural.

UNESCO central concern is Peace and dialogue between Nations through the protection, safeguard, preservation, promotion and enhancement of the World Cultural Heritage.

Since wars originate in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must raise” : this is what is written in the constitutive preamble UNESCO.

The trip to Italy on the UNESCO Sites tracks is the richest and most amazing in the world.

Visiting the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Italy you will be overwhelmed by inebriating scents, enchanting sounds, poignant melodies, movingly landscapes and seductive flavors linked together by cultural and artistic values of unparalleled variety, from the Sassi of Matera  to the historic center of Naples

Sassi di Matera – Basilicata Region

Palace of Spanish – Neapolitan Baroque – Campania Region

…from the paleo-christian monuments of Ravennna to the breath-taking beauty of the Dolomites

Early Christian Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe – RavennaEmilia Romagna Region

DolomitiTrentino Alto Adige Region

…from the castles scattered across the peninsula to medieval and rinascimental cities

Bard medieval fortified buildingVal d’Aosta Region

San Gimignano – Medieval Village – Tuscany Region

Pienza – Renaissance Borgo – Tuscany Region

… and Venice with its lagoon

Venezia – Veneto Region

Amalfi and its coastline

Amalfi – Campania Region

the archaeological excavations of Pompeii

Pompeii – Campania Region

Imperial Royal Palaces

Reggia di Caserta – Palace Royal – Campania Region

Here one can find, in addition to monuments and archaeological sites of great historical interest, (such as the archaeological area of Agrigento) cultural landscapes such as one of the last to be included in List: the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, in Pedmont; certificate in 2014, constitutes a unique territory shaped by man for the cultivation of vineyards.

Temple of ConcordiaValley of the Temples in Agrigento – Sicily Region

The Langhe and Monferrato – Piedmont Region

Annibale Carracci The Beaneater  – Mediterranean Diet – UNESCO intangible heritage

In addition to the 51 UNESCO sites (significant number if you think that China, an immense country with nearly 2 billion people has 50) Italy also hasintangible heritage, including for example the Mediterranean Diet or the Art of violin making in Cremona.

Art of violin making in Cremona – UNESCO intangible heritage

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is a UN organization that was founded at the end of  World War II. Its constitution was signed in London in 1945, with the aim of contributing to peace and understanding between nations through channels such as education, science and culture.

The first twenty States in ’45 were: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, United States of America, South Africa and Turkey.

Today the Member Countries are 195 plus 10 Associates.

The criteria for inclusion of monuments, sites and naturalistic wholes in the UNESCO World Heritage List are indeed very selective. They certify with great scientific seriousness characteristics and values of unparalleled importance for all mankind. For this reason, insertion it is difficult and complex.

Sila Park – Region Calabria

In addition to the 51 sites already inscribed, others are still in the process to become so, as the Parco della Sila in Calabria: did you know that in this area there are traces of Homo erectus dating about 700,000 years ago; and that there are also traces of  Neanderthal man?

Homo erectus

Following the UNESCO sites, you will experience Italy passing through centuries, peoples, flavors and emotions always different. You will understand all the extraordinary value of this country and why its heritage belongs to the whole World!