Gianluca Pacchioni, modern alchemist of light and metal.

Blacksmith and artist, manages to work the iron and make of it sculptures of light for public buildings, private residences, parks, embassies ...

Born in Milan in 1966, he is a self-taught sculptor of metal and, at the same time, a light designer.

He can be considered among the pioneers art design,  where artists produce unique pieces and limited editions of furnitor-sculptures and lighting-sculptures.

After a degree at the Bocconi School of Economics of Milan, aged of 24, he moves to Paris.

Here, in the city with the iron tower most famous in the world, Gianluca, discovers his explosive passion for metal sculpture. He sifts the dumps of Paris, for him authentic Wonderland caves, and he learns the trade deepening his understanding of ironworking techniques.

And here he develops his personal style by attending the workshops and most underground squat where he  is exposed to the most lively artistic world.

He opens his first studio in 1994 at the Quai de la Gare, where his first collections are born: Very Little Water and Much Fire.

The works are exhibited in a gallery in the Place des Vosges and, since then, they continue to participate in international exhibitions.

I put tons of old iron in the houses of people that are still happy to have it” – with these words Gianluca Pacchioni confesses his passion. His eyes sparkle as he says: “to me dumps are like the cave of Alì Babà

“…I mistreat metals but then I caress them, I like to work on blemishes, on the layers, scars … on contrasts”

“…in some cases, you can use a light source just as a raw material, which blends into the work, giving it new and unusual effects.”

He is happy with this work of alchemist who makes him feel powerful as a novel Hephaestus (the greek god of fire).

The sculpture-lamps in Pacchioni’s workshop

He came back to Milan in 1998: since than Pacchioni has been working in an old eye-drops factory  renovated as a loft. Here, home and workshop, he lives with his family. A large part is used as a showroom and as a lab, where he experiments and invents his art by extracting from brute matter unsuspected grace.This is his world, as striking as fascinating.

Pacchioni at work

Gianluca Pacchioni also loves trees and and tropical plants and he likes to draw shapes inspired by nature, as he did for the installation for Villa d’Acquarone in Verona; the majority of this type of works are found in private gardens.

 The sculpture “Anemone”, a suspended lighting made of aluminum and brushed brass.

Pacchioni’s works have been exposed in Paris at the exhibition “La Creazione, il genio artistico italiano e la sua unicità nei métiers d’art” (Creation: Italian artistic genius and his unicity in the works of art) held in the rooms of Italian Embassy, initiative that provided with a stage some of the Italian excellences.

 The “Pupils” mirror in The Villa d’Acquarone

Since then, a monumental work of his is located at the main entrance