Flavio Ibba: the music Made in Italy of “Volare” goes around the world with Fiat 500!

Composer and musician, has rearranged the melody of 'Volare' for the spot of the Fiat 500, the car icon of the Made in Italy since 1936, producing a track that crosses 7 Countries and 4 Continents: South Africa, India, Japan, Brazil, England , Italy and the USA. An example of the Made in Italy capacity to transcend the boundaries adapting to different local cultures.


Musician, composer and music publisher, Flavio Ibba plays with joy, Bass Guitar and Piano.

Born in S. Antioco, a small magical island off the coast of Sardinia: a spectacular natural jewel that must has been imprinted in this flesh since the early years of his life.

Tenacious, ironic, biting and tender, cutting edge but with great respect for tradition, he has never been seduced by the entertainment world, he has only, deeply loved music.

Departed from Sardinia to Paris in 1979, he had the opportunity to play with many international jazz musicians such as George Benson, Al Levitt, Lou Bennet, Carol Welsman, Jay Azzolina, e Jean Paul Ceccarelli.

In 1987, after a brief experience in America where he absorbed the colors of rock and Brazilian music, it is contacted by  Enzo Jannacci for a tour that brings him to move back to Italy in 1989 to work in the studio and live with Jannacci, Branduardi, Dario Fò, Anna Oxa and many other Italian artists

After living all the best national and international experiences as a musician, in 1993 he was asked for the first time to compose for a spot. She loves to combine images and music and so he founded his own production and audio consulting house (Red Rose Productions), creates and develops soundtracks, music and songs for any type of movie or event including commercials, documentaries, theme songs for TV, cinema, radio, theatrical performances, presentations and multimedia products.

Among his many productions countless soundtracks for commercials Fiat, Citroen, Lancia, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Swatch, Ferrero, Sector, Jeep, Dodge, Poste Italiane, Heineken, Birra Moretti, Kelloggs, etc.

Recently he has worked on records with the rapper  PITBULL, with the South American singer JUANES , with the trio IL VOLO and with ARIANNA.
His latest productions are the song  brano Sexy People, a duet between rapper Pitbull e Arianna, (third place in the US and among the top positions in Brazil and Asia) which is also used worldwide for FIAT IMMIGRANTS spot.

Among the latest advertising productions, the remake of the song LA MER for the spot Fiat 500 Riva and a particular rework of the song Volare the global campaign of X crossover

In this video in October 2015, the Ibba creative mind has focused on the Made in Italy capacity to transcend the boundaries adapting to different local cultures; he explains: “… reasoning that Fiat was born in Italy and become adult in America, I suggested to the  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to mention the ‘Flying’ melody to various musicians in the world, up to declare it explicitly only in Italy, sung by a little girl to arrive in the US with rap and all the other musicians in the world tour … ”

Flavio Ibba tells us: “The film was then shot in 7 countries (South Africa, India, Japan, Brazil, England, Italy and the USA) and I arranged and produced the song with two of my historical comrades of adventure (Paolo Fedreghini and Danilo Madonia).

Among the protagonists of the “mini singer” BENEDETTA ROMANO and it is fantastic. The rappers are a collective I have been working with for a few years in Los Angeles (ANTI Society Collective David Sabastian ANTI PoP And Gsnaps Of The GroupBOY) “.