B.LIVE, a strong brand that helps kids affected by cancer.

A new collection of bijoux "the bolt’s nut jewels".

B = BE = Essere
LIVE = Vivere
BELIVE = Credere


B.LIVE is a project created for kids with cancer and serious chronic diseases that, through visits to companies, meetings with entrepreneurs and creative activities, learn through the craft of making, the art of life. With pride, professionalism and love they produce collections of jewelry, handbags, songs … strengthening their courage and building with a gritty hope of a better future.

B.LIVE, To Be, To Believe, To Live, has also become a brand designed by the children themselves.
The symbol that represents them is the bolt’s nut, chosen to bring to the world their message of strength, courage and cohesion.

For the new collection the kids have turned their bolt’s nut into their “bijoux line”.
The proceeds from sales of jewelry go to two non-profit foundations – “Near” and “Magic Cleme” – that, since 2012, have been developing the B.LIVE project.

From 2015 B.LIVE focuses its activities outside of the Cancer Institute of Milan so as to give to a greater number of sick kids the opportunity to participate in these initiatives. Initiatives that provide, on the one hand, moments of distraction from the disease and from the treatment through activities and important goals, pursued together in which to establish friendships with peers; and, on the other hand, make the adults, the students and the professionals to relate to each other and with the kids affected by these pathologies, each carrying its own experience of life, in a reciprocal and positive exchange.

In this way, during the first months of 2015, the kids of B.LIVE entered the classrooms of Bocconi University and NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, in the laboratories of bio-cosmetics of PhytoTechnique the headquarters of CIESSEVI, Centre for Voluntary Services in Milan, in the showroom of Coccinelle and offices of the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.


Collezione Bijoux B.LIVE By Elisabetta Nava

The kids of B.LIVE together with the jewel designers Elisabetta Nava and Enrico Celotto with whom they have devised line Bijoux in galvanized bronze. The Bolt nut, their symbol, is transformed into rings, earrings, pendants and key rings of different colors and finishes that disseminate the proud message: Be, Believe, Live.
 On the left, the football player Filippo Inzaghi with the guys of B.LIVE. On the right, Juliana Moreira and Edoardo Stoppa with the Bijoux

B.LIVE Bag By Coccinelle

From the collaboration between Coccinelle and B.LIVE is born B.LIVE Bag: exclusive shopping bag reversible (on one side leather python printed and the other soft leather, suitable for all occasions, from morning to night, and available in seven colors, all very glamorous. The guys have worked with Coccinelle in the various phases of of the bags construction, they took care of the personalization of packaging and invented special phrases to be put inside the bags to convey to those who buy them their positive message of strength and hope.