Acqua For Life: the Giorgio Armani perfume for the Drinking Water

Water for Life, the campaign promoted by Giorgio Armani in collaboration with Green Cross to bring drinking water in countries where it is missing, continues.

All the world recognizes in Giorgio Armani an icon of the fashion Made in Italy, not everybody knows that “King George” has always been engaged in supporting charitable causes, and that he supports the institutions that endeavor to help in the most critical problems of our times: from UNICEF to the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

There project Water for Life, is a global humanitarian campaign launched in 2011 by Giorgio Armani in collaboration with Green Cross, a non-profit and non-governmental organization that deals with the problems of the environment.

Moving from the consideration that water is a vital asset that unfortunately is not guaranteed to all – there are 768 million people without access to sources of drinking water, and every day 4,000 people die for ingestion of contaminated water – Water for Life aims to provide drinking water in countries where this primary good does not exist.

Since 2011, Water for Life has generated more than 880 million liters of drinking water, thanks to the implementation of 203 infrastructure projects such as wells, drilling systems, rainwater collection systems and pumps.

In Ghana Acqua For Life has built 90 water supply systems in more than 30 countries.

Photo by Gregory Allen.

In Morelos, Mexico, Children and parents were invited to participate in educational workshops, where they learnt about water contamination, how to avoid water-borne diseases and how to purify water in their homes.
Photo by Antoine Passerat.

In 2015, two other countries have benefited from this program: Brasil and Qishu in the prefecture of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, which alongside with Sri Lanka, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, Ghana, Bolivia, China, Mexico, bring to nine the total number of countries reached by this program.

Ability to cultivate the land, healthier populations, more time for children that can spend in school rather than having to walk kilometers to reach a source: these are the achievements of Water for Life that Giorgio Armani will continue to support this year.

To raise public awareness of this primal asset is one of the objectives of Water for Life.

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