Oxfam Italy: with women to combat hunger

Oxfam Italy, the NGO in defense of human rights chosen by Expo 2015 among its Civil Society partners, is by women side to fight hunger and discrimination.

Of the 842 milions people that go to bed on an empty stomach, 60% are women.

Moving from this shocking fact, Oxfam Italy – from 2010 partner of the confederation of 17 NGOs that, through a network of 3,000 local partners, fights poverty in more than 100 countries – has launched in 2014 a campaign of fundraising namedWith women to combat hunger“.

“Women provide the bulk of food for their families and for the entire community. In rural areas, women produce between 60% and 80% of food, but have only 10% of revenues and 1% of the land.
If women had equal access to resources than men, world poverty would be reduced by up to 17% and the lives of 150 million people could be saved. For this reason, to support a woman, to strengthen its indipendence, its power and its expertise, means helping his family and his community out of poverty.”

Through this campaign Oxfam Italy supports women to raise their  life standard by improving the production and trade in agricultural products and handicrafts.
With the funds collected, it will be possible to help 50,000 women in Cambodia, Ecuador, Morocco, Palestine, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

To help such an important cause, Metroweb, the Milan-based company that owns the largest underground network of fiber optics in Europe, has decided to donate to this campaign the entire proceeds achieved by the auctionof 24 manholes revisited as works of art for the exhibition “OVER THE UNDER – Art Manholes”.

To find out how to make a contribution to the campaign “With women to combat hunger” click here.

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