ASM NGO and ASM Foundation for Child Health: for over 30 years helping children to born healthy .

The Italian Association for the Study of Malformations ( ASM ) is a national reference point for scientific research, prevention and treatment of birth defects in the unborn child.

The Italian Association for the Study of Malformations (ASM) is a non-profit organization that operates since 1981 doing research and taking care of expectant mothers and their children.

Doctors and researchers have as their objective the dissemination of the most advanced knowledge in the field of prevention and the treatment of congenital diseases.

Active since 1988, the telephone service “Red Thread” for free medical advice on reproductive risk and health during pregnancy, where work specialists in obstetrics, genetics and paediatrics.

The “Decalogue for a quiet motherhood“, is a medical booklet coordinated by Professor Giorgio Pardi, aimed at providing pregnant women a compendium of basic information they need to live a safe pregnancy.

Currently the Red Thread has four structures: in Milan, at the San Paolo Hospital (tel. 02-89.10.207); in Rome, in the Hospital Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina (tel. 06-58.00.897); in Naples, at the Federico II University Hospital (tel. 081-54.63.881).

Among its most notable activities:

– The funding of young scholars working on innovative projects regarding the causes, diagnosis and treatment of congenital diseases
– The support of the Fetal Research Centre “Giorgio Pardi”, and the purchase of technologically advanced equipment for public hospitals
– The publication of the medical and scientific periodical “Education for Health“.

– The organization of awareness-raising campaigns for the general public.

Among the researches that gave crucial results we would like to remind the development of an exam which is commonly used today: the CVS (chorionic villus sampling.)

Marinella Di Capua is its President since 1999 and also Editor of the magazine “News ASM-Education for Health”.

In 1996 the ASM Foundation sees the light, which supports the non-profit Organization and which is responsible, in particular, children’s health.